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Members are being sought for a new online information portal which has been launched this week (26th October 2011) to allow Active Travel and Outdoor Access Professionals, Planners, Engineers, Access Officers, Cycling Officers and Mountain Bike Trail Designers to share and promote good practice and provide support for design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure for active travel and outdoor access in Scotland.

Created by the Scottish Access Technical Information Network (SATIN), which was set up in 2009 as an initiative to support the needs of those involved in the development of infrastructure for outdoor access and active travel, the website will be the beginning of a series of initiatives to aid the way professionals engage, research and network.

The SATIN working group, which includes individuals from Cycling Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland, Paths for All, Scottish Natural Heritage, Falkirk Council (SCAN) and Sustrans Scotland, were aware that individually they were regularly approached by professionals looking for advice or support for design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure for active travel and outdoor access, and recognised that creating a central location for professionals to access technical information and advice, while also providing an opportunity for them to network and share their good practice, would greatly benefit all professionals.

While the new website will be maintained by members of the working group, its success will rely heavily on the professionals sharing their own knowledge and experience.

Peter Leslie, Secretary of SATIN commented: “A key objective set by the members day in 2009 was to create a website that would allow professionals to share good practice, exchange ideas, research and innovation while also providing an opportunity to network and develop their skills, so we are delighted to officially launch the new website. We are confident that it will quickly become a ‘one stop shop’ for various groups of professionals, however we cannot stress enough how vital it is for them to share their own knowledge and experiences to ensure that the website provides a wide variety of technical information and advice.”

To become a member, please visit and click on the Members Space button at top right of the screen. Membership is free. From the Members Space, members can join specific discussion groups to talk about popular topics and share their views in a professional environment, and forward any technical information they would like to see included on the network to the working group for insertion. SATIN Online provides opportunities to tell others about case studies and to advertise any relevant news or events such as networking or training days, site visits and project launches, free of charge, using the ‘online’ forms.


For further information contact the SATIN working group via the website.


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