Welcome to SOAN

The Scottish Outdoor Access Network (SOAN) brings together over 200 people across Scotland who work on outdoor access and related issues. SOAN organises two national networking events every year, plus occasional workshops and events on topical access issues.

Established as the Scottish Countryside Access Network (SCAN) in the early 1990s, our initial aim was to share best practice advice with front-line outdoor access staff. The network also provided invaluable support and guidance to policymakers leading up to the enactment of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. This role continues but SOAN is increasingly keen to reach out to associated professionals whose remit enhances access to Scotland’s outdoors. Key sectors and topics such as active health, sustainable transport, anti-social behaviour, community planning and land management have all featured in recent networking events.

If you want to support SOAN and /or contribute to or learn from the debate on rights of responsible access, rights of way and outdoor access in Scotland then:

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Find out more about our November Networking Event and AGM here!

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