December Networking event : The When, How and by Whom in resolving the Path Maintenance Burden, Thursday 3rd December, Drymen

SOAN is partnering with SATIN to bring you a series of workshops based around Maintenance.

Maintenance as we know is a topic which is continuing to be at the forefront of our discussions and these workshops will begin to explore how to combat the When, How and by Whom questions that you have about the future maintenance of our networks. To enhance our learning a site visit will take place around the recently completed path network in and around Drymen.  This will review the recently completed Ultitrec path and discuss how the future path network maintenance could be reduced through the design process.

The second theme of the workshops is permitting a review of SATIN and it’s website and the update of the Countryside Access Design Guide (CADG) and what we require as a group of practitioners to assist us in delivering an improved access network – these sessions will be led by Meriel Young.

The final session of the day will look at the outputs of the workshops to allow the identification of how best maintenance and the improvement to existing documentation and policies can be enhanced at a national level.

The event is charged at the usual £40 and lunch is provided.

Use the booking form below to avoid disappointment!

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